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How Much Will Be Revealed Of Avatar At Comic-Con?

On the mean streets of San Diego (kidding) signs and portents of thrilling things to come at Comic-Con have begun to appear. For the first time, the magnum opus that is or will be James Cameron’s “Avatar” have their alien stars revealed in posters slapped up on light posts all over town. The posters show the blue Na’Vi, staring down upon us Earthers, gazing in judgement at our hubris.

For those not up on their Avatar, here is the official synopsis.

In a distant future, humanity discovers the planet ‘Alpha Centauri B-4′, and for those scientists and astronauts who’ve traversed the gulf between neighboring suns and arrived on its alien soil know it as ‘Pandora’. A world filled with an incredible diversity of beautiful and deadly ammonia-breathing lifeforms. Its also a world that harbors treasures and resources almost beyond price. But just as the original Pandora’s Box wrought devastation on those who would use it for their own gain, so too this world may destroy not just the Pandorans home, but ours as well.

Avatar is the story of a wounded ex-marine, thrust unwillingly into an effort to settle and exploit an exotic planet rich in bio-diversity, who eventually crosses over to lead the indigenous race in a battle for survival.

Avatar will rock your world Sci Fi fans. Mark me! Thanks io9 for the snaps.


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