Joel Kinnaman in The Killing

Updated: He’s said Yes.

Scuttlebutt around Hollywood has “The Killing Star” Joel Kinnaman being offered the cushy role of former hotshot cop Alex Murphy turned nearly indestructible killer cyborg Detroit cop RoboCop. Now all he has to do is say Yes, and then it’s off to getting a remake. One can only hope, right? Well, unless you hate the idea of remaking “Robocop”, I guess.

Based on the 1987 original by Paul Verhoeven of “Starship Troopers” and uni-sex showers fame, the MGM remake would be directed by Jose Padilha (of “Elite Squad” fame). The reboot is being described as “a gritty origin story”, because, you know, the 1987 original wasn’t “gritty” enough. Shit, Alex Murphy only got shot to pieces and left for dead, after all, nothing “gritty” about that.

Anyhoo. The suddenly red hot Kinnaman is coming off major roles in “The Darkest Hour” and “Safe House”, and is poised for super stardom.

Here he is talking about his role in “The Killing”. His accent is so good you’d never know he’s a foreigner who has come here to steal all our Hollywood acting jobs.

Via : THR