Greg Berlanti to Write/Direct Robot Rebellion Flick Epsilon

By Nix
Jun 19th, 2013

Greg Berlanti

The robots won’t stop trying to destroy us!

Dreamworks and Steven Spielberg’s robot uprising flick “Robopocalypse” has been indeterminately stalled, so Sony is trying to pick up the slack. The studio has assigned Greg Berlanti to direct their own robot uprising movie “Epsilon”.

Written by “Zombieland” guys Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, plot for “Epsilon” goes thusly:

Story is set after a failed robot rebellion sends Earth back to the analog age. Seeking refuge on a space station, a few robots escape to raise their own human lab rats as obedient warriors to pave the way for retaliation. Epsilon stands amongst them until he begins to question all he was led to believe.

Berlanti is mostly a TV guy, but previously wrote “Green Lantern” and “The Flash” movies, and also had a hand in the script for “Wrath of the Titans”. Okay, so nothing extraordinary about his work so far, but he does seem to know his genre stuff.

And besides, isn’t it about time we get a movie where it’s the HUMAN who rebels against our robot creators, and not so much the other way around?

Terminator in Terminator Salvation

Via : Variety

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