Gamer’s Augmented Reality Movie Poster

What exactly is an “augmented reality movie poster”, you ask? Good question. I haven’t a clue. But the folks at Lionsgate who are pushing the sci-fi ditty “Gamer” told us this:

As you may know, Lionsgate’s theatrical marketing team has just debuted a website featuring an augmented reality movie poster for their upcoming Gerard Butler film, GAMER. Attached (below), you’ll find what may appear to be a bizarre looking image – it’s actually an icon that can be used in conjunction with a site that Lionsgate just launched to create a 3-D image on your webcam!

Capitalizing off of augmented reality webcam technology, users will be able to print out the attached icon on a piece of paper, login to the website for GAMER, and see the exclusive movie poster on their monitor in 3-D!

Yeah, I’m still confused. But a quick trip to the Gamer site has a nice little video that explains everything. Head on over there now and get this pic seen below on your desk. No, seriously, this is what it’s supposed to do.

  • jessicayao.

    Does it actually work? And what if my printer doesn’t print such sharp images ):

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