Fringe Officially Renewed for 13-Episode 5th and Final Season

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Seth Gabel, John Noble, Anna Torv and Jasika Nicole in Fringe

It’s the show that just won’t die. Thanks to lots of diehard fans and big-name creators with plenty of juice, the J.J. Abrams-produced “Fringe” has survived yet another renewal-or-cancellation season. The sci-fi show has been officially given a fifth and final season by Fox, with 13 episodes to spin its world-jumping yarn before calling it quits.

This, despite Fox Prez Kevin Reilly saying that the network “lose a lot of money on the show”. But the fact that Fox has continued to stubbornly renew the show year after endangered year now means “Fringe” is very close to its 100th episode, the threshold needed for a lucrative syndication deal. I guess despite “losing money” on the show, Fox realizes there is still yet even more money to be made as long as the show hits that magical 100 episode milestone. This fifth and final season should just about seal that up.

To prepare for the possibility of cancellation, the producers had shot two Season 4 endings — one that would continue the story into a fifth season, and one that could serve as a possible series finale. I guess we now know which one will air.

Here’s a trailer for the upcoming Season 5, made available when the network announced the renewal:

Via : TVLine