Fox Says No to Alien Prequel — Unless it’s With Ridley Scott Directing

Looks like that confirmed “Alien” prequel has hit a road bump. According to the guys over at The Playlist, Fox studios is unwilling to greenlight another “Alien” movie without Ridley Scott doing more than just producing, i.e. they want Scott to actually direct it, and is apparently unwilling to hand over the property to an unknown commercial director in Carl Erik Rinsch, who may or may not have gotten the job based on the fact that he’s dating Ridley Scott’s daughter Jordan. Or at least that’s part of the sordid details.

Here’s more:

Fox obviously owns the property and perhaps they’re even showing owner’s remorse from having approved the legacy tarnishing ‘AVP’ series and want Scott to do it up right and not just assign the gig to one of his trusted lieutenants? Sources at Fox tell EW the studio is not “interested in green lighting the project unless Scott directs himself.”

I would link to the EW article, but it doesn’t seem to exist. Either it was never published, will be published later today, or it was published and then pulled. Either way, this is currently what’s happening with the “Alien” prequel.

To be honest with you, I’d have preferred if they moved forward instead of backwards. Why keep going back? Let’s move forward, take this battle against the aliens into a war-like situation. We’ve had skirmishes, battles, so why not full-blown war for survival? It’s a logical progression.

Below: In space, head bands are still cool.

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