First Look at Eleventh Hour TV Series

By Nix
May 16th, 2008

What’s old is new again, isn’t that how the saying goes? A decade ago, every TV network was trying to emulate the success of FOX’s The X-Files, putting out shows about the paranormal with their own Mulder and Scully. But every single one of them bit the dust, because let’s face it, no one wanted copies when the original was still around. A decade later, it seems like every network has their own versions of The X-Files all over again. CBS has their own, too, called Eleventh Hour, starring Marley Shelton and Rufus Sewell.

In the show, Sewell plays a government scientist who, along with his attractive bodyguard (played by Shelton) try to save people from deadly scientific experiments. Danny Cannon directs the pilot and produces.

Here’s the first image from the show, featuring Shelton and Sewell:

Elevent Hour TV Series

  • Jaime Coldwell

    If he’s in it, it will be good. PERIOD!

  • kathy f

    I just watched the original BBC version of “Eleventh Hour” with Patrick Stewart. I like Rufus in the part better.

  • mallory

    Anything with Rufus in it is bound to be good :)

    People complain “Oh, he’ll be trapped in this role!”
    Well he personally said that he’d rather have one role with a lot of depth than have many roles in which he would be a bad guy on a horse anytime soon!

    Give this a chance, it gets better each week!
    And it is a good oprotunity for Rufus to show American audiences that he can play something other than baddies :)

  • Nix

    Anyone who has seen “Dark City” knows that Sewell makes a great hero, too.

  • buggy4ts

    I love this show!!! Ive just seen the first episode and I love it!!! Whenever I see Rufus though I cant help but think of him being the bad guy in A Nights Tale. Good show though.

  • Michael Gallagher M.D.

    The many mispronunciations of medical words, such as a-dee’-no virus which should be add’n- oh virus suggests getting medical consultation to improve a wonderful show.

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  • Kellie

    Hi all RS and EH fans! Some of the fans and I over at the CBS forums came up with a couple of game plans to assure that this wonderful show (and its amazing actor) gets picked up for its second season. We do not want to leave it to fate! So, we are all doing a few things.

    First, we are all sending CBS a watch, set on 11:00, with a note saying something witty such as “Counting the hours until Eleventh Hour is back”. It can be an old watch of yours or whatever. Just make sure it stays on 11:00 and also remember to jot down that you are a huge fan that is awaiting the news of its renewal.

    CBS address:

    Les Moonves
    President and CEO
    CBS Television Network
    51 West 52nd Street
    New York, NY 10019

    Second, we all have been going to the CBS site and, under the ‘User Feedback’ link at the bottom, providing feedback daily. Just asking for its renewal, or explaining why we love the show so much, telling them what a superb leading man they have, etc, etc.

    Please join us in this effort. It will be well worth it next year when we have our show back. Also, check out the official link for the campaign.

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