Dreamworks to Wage War with Atlantis Rising

By Nix
Apr 16th, 2008

Writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci are two of the busiest men in Hollywood. Besides J.J. Abrams’ Trek 11 and “Transformers 2″, the duo have about a half dozen projects currently in development, including the Abrams TV show Fringe. Their latest will be adapting and producing the comic book series “Atlantis Rising” for Dreamworks. The comics, written by Scott O. Brown and drawn by Tim Irwin and Andy Elder, is a 5-issue limited series that has Earth battling for survival against an underwater civilization — aka Altantis.

The Hollywood Reporter:

In “Atlantis,” seismic disturbances at sea force world militaries to investigate the deepest part of the world’s ocean, where an underground civilization emerges to wage war with planet Earth.

“The comic brings a fresh, techno-thriller approach to a story that holds all the tenets of a classic us-vs.-them alien invasion movie,” Kurtzman said.

Here is a better description of the comics from Platinum Studios itself:

Scripted by Scott O. Brown, this sci-fi war epic centers around the dangerously deteriorated relations between surface dwellers and the inhabitants of the technologically advanced underwater city of Atlantis.

For thousands of years, the legendary continent of Atlantis has thrived unencumbered by those who live on Earth’s surface. Now after decades of surface pollution, from oil spills to off-shore dumping, the Atlantean way of life has been threatened, bringing the two civilizations to the brink of all-out war.

This is the second sci-fi comic that Platinum Studios has sold for the movies. Their first was “Cowboys and Aliens”.

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