Dark City Director’s Cut DVD Cover and Specs

Well slap me silly and call me Granny! We’ve heard rumors of a re-release of the “Dark City” DVD, a Director’s Cut that would add additional minutes and improved special effects, for a while now. Recently, the film’s writer David Goyer even talked about a theatrical re-release with the new version (read that here), but nothing concrete has ever appeared. Well it has, now, because Warner Home Video has just announced that the new Director’s Cut version will be going on sale on regular DVD and Blu-Ray on July 29, 2008!

RopeofSilicon.com has the news:

The film is going to have about 15 minutes of additional footage and all new special features. The original 1998 release ran 96 minutes and the director’s cut clocks in at 111 minutes.

And better versions of the DVD Cover art and promo sheet from DVDActive:

Dark City DVD Director's Cut

Dark City DVD Director's Cut

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