BSG’s Ron Moore to Create New Sci-Fi Movie Trilogy for United Artists

By Nix
Apr 17th, 2008

United Artists likes Battlestar Galactica. They really, really do. Why else would they have already signed the show’s producer/head honcho Ron Moore (pictured, left) to create a brand spanking new science fiction movie trilogy for them, without ever having heard of any ideas? My guess is that this is a pre-emptive bid by United Artists and its new boss, Paula Wagner, who used to run a production company with Tom Cruise. Speaking of which, Moore once worked with Cruise on “Mission: Impossible 2″, if you can believe it, and actually has story credit on that movie.


“Over the last decade, Ron has emerged as the foremost sci-fi, fantasy creator, writer in the industry and working with him to bring his creative talents to the big screen is a great partnership for our studio,” Wagner said.

Cha-ching! Now if only they would tell us what this new “trilogy” would be…

By the way, check out Ron Moore below. Doesn’t he look like a nerdier version of Lorenzo Lamas? But instead of a Harley, Ron rides one of those segueway bikes?

Ron Moore United Artist Trilogy

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