Bryan Cranston in Talks to Menace Colin Farrell in Total Recall Remake

AMC’s “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston is “in negotiations” to co-star as the heavy in the upcoming Colin Farrell remake of “Total Recall”. If the remake (being penned by Kurt Wimmer of “Equilibrium” fame) follows in the path of the original, Cranston would play Vilos Cohaagen, originally played by Ronny Cox. Of course, they’ll probably change it up, with new character names and situations, so don’t count on Vilos showing up in the remake.

Based on a short story by Philip K. Dick, “Total Recall” was originally directed by Paul Verhoeven and starred Arnold Schwarzenegger. Farrell will front the remake, with Len Wiseman (“Underworld”) directing for Columbia Pictures.

  • Erik

    He would make an AWESOME bad guy.

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