Bill Nighy is your Futuristic Rebel Leader in Total Recall Remake

And you can forget about Bill Nighy showing up as a some mutation stuck to some dude’s belly, cause this version of “Total Recall” is ditching the Mars plot compeltely.

THR reports that Nighy, who previously worked with “Total Recall” director Len Wiseman on the “Underworld” movies, has signed on to play Quatto (previously Kuato in the 1990 original), the the leader of the resistance.

The film’s plot has also come more into focus:

The movie ditches the Martian storyline from the original pic and instead involves nation states Euromerica and New Shanghai. Farrell plays Douglas Quaid, a factory worker in the latter who begins to believe he is a spy — although he doesn’t know for which side.

Also, Kate Beckinsale and Jessica Biel have officially joined the cast, though no word yet what characters they’ll be playing. Other castmembers include Bryan Cranston as the film’s heavy, with Ethan Hawke doing a (no longer surprising) cameo.


You can also add “Harold and Kumar’s” John Cho to the cast. EW reports that Cho will play “McClane, the smooth-talking rep for the mind-messing company that tempts Colin Farrell’s Douglas Quaid to implant fantastic memories into his brain.”

  • Eatshit

    Then this isn’t fucking Total Recall.  It just happens to be a movie CALLED Total Recall.  

    • Jeremy Halverstadt

      It sounds like they are going back to the source material. The PKD short story had no trips to Mars, either.

      • Brad Richardson

        Um…no. The original PKD story was indeed about Mars, he just didn’t make a physical trip there and the focus was more on Rekal and the implantation. The Arnold pic revved that up with the Mars trip, but there was still a very big question as to whether that trip was real or part of the implant.

        This new plot, as so far revealed, with its spies and super-nations and so far not even a mention of Rekal has no discernible connection to PKD’s story beyond title and character names. Perhaps that will change.

  • Moud Kieps

    Total Resell moar like it amirite

  • Jorian

    This is totally fucked up, an insult to the original, nothing more

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