Amy Acker Enters Whedon’s Dollhouse!

I swear, I’m not trying to turn the site into a pseudo Dollhouse fansite, but it just so happens that Joss Whedon has been great about releasing information about his new show on FOX, and as a sci-fi blogger, I wanna thank you for not being stingy like a lot of other creators out there. According to Whedon’s main fansite, Whedonesque, comes news that former Whedon angel Amy Acker (pictured, left), along with Miracle Laurie, has joined the cast of Dollhouse! And yes, I am very excited about this.


ETA: Joss confirms the other new cast members, Miracle Laurie and Amy Acker!

So there, straight from the horse’s mouth itself. No word on what character Amy will play, but it should be good.

Thank God someone has given me more reasons to watch TV — Amy Acker and Eliza Dushku in the same show. Holy cow!

P.S. How about adding Chrisma Carpenter, too, Joss?

Amy Acker in Dollhouse

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