Amanda Tapping Says There Will be More Stargate SG1 Movies

Well this is a surprise. I had originally thought that with Stargate: Atlantis ending, that its crew would be taking over the Stargate straight-to-DVD movies that the cast of SG1 had been doing while Atlantis was still a series. A handing off, if you will. Now it appears that won’t be the case. There will be the Atlantis movies as we expected, but there will also be new SG1 movies as well.

Amanda Tapping, who plays Sam Carter on SG1, told SciFiWire this during the Sci Fi Channel’s media upfront gathering about the future of Atlantis and SG1:

A Stargate Atlantis DVD movie is in the works. Have you shot that yet?

Tapping: We haven’t, actually. And apparently there’s an SG-1 movie as well that will be happening.

Really, how much further can you spread yourself?

Tapping: You know what? It’s a fine line. I’m hanging by a little tiny thread, but it’s all good. And the most is important thing is I’m a mom.

Going back to the Stargate movies, how eager are you to play Carter again?

Tapping: Oh, I love it. It’s such a comfortable place to go. We say this all the time with Stargate, but it’s such a family, and it’s just nice when the family gets back together. It’s very easy and it’s fun. You fall into that same crazy vibe, and it’s great.

Well that’s pretty awesome, I have to say. Even if this new Stargate: Universe show turns out to be a bad Beverly Hills 90210 clone or worst a bad imitation of the new Battlestar Galactica, we’ll at least have more SG1 movies to go back to. Hopefully this time RDA will do more than just show up for a few minutes.

  • Randy Miles

    Hi Amanda, I still haven’t gotten over the ending of Stargate SG1, Atlantis was good but I was 100% addicted to SG1 as were many friends of mine. Can you tell me why it ended? Best of luck to you and your endevers. I just watched the SG1 200th episode with the extras agian and I believe T’s guess at how many times he said In-Deed was pretty close I came up with 48,913 times. Ha, ha. Bye Randy.

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