The casting for Joss Whedon’s FOX series Dollhouse has gotten pretty hot and heavy of late. The latest (and last?) addition comes from another FOX show, 24, where Harry Lennix played a character named Walid Al-Rezani. I don’t even remember who Walid Al-Rezani is on the show, but then again, 24 has so many characters coming and going, it’s hard to remember all of them unless they really make an impact. In any case, Lennix will be playing an ex-cop whose mission is to guard Echo, played by Eliza Dushku.


Pilot is from 20th Century Fox. Character is an ex-cop who serves as a guard/bodyguard for Echo (Eliza Dushku).

Lennix’s credits also include “Across the Universe” and “Stomp the Yard” on the features side, and “Commander in Chief” and “House” on the small screen.

Yeah, right, like Eliza Dushku needs bodyguarding…

Harry Lennix in 24

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