Abbie Cornish Added to the Robocop Reboot

by Nix - on Jun 8th 2012

Abbie Cornish in Sucker Punch (2011) Movie ImageThe casting for Jose Padilha’s “Robocop” reboot is moving pretty full steam lately. After casting Gary Oldman as Robo’s creator, then Samuel L. Jackson as a media mogul, the casting now turns to Alex Murphy’s wife. Word has the gorgeous Abbie Cornish (of “Sucker Punch” fame) being offered the role.

New Not-too-Dredd-ful Poster and Images

by Nix - on Jun 8th 2012

Dredd (2012) Movie PosterHaven’t seen a trailer for Petey Travis’ “Dredd” yet, but I suspect we’ll see it soon enough. I mean, they can’t hide this thing forever, can he? It is curious though that we haven’t seen anything from the film yet except for some images and now, this new poster. Oh well, I’m sure they know what they’re doing. After all, they did promise it would be better than the Stallone version, and I’m sure they wouldn’t promise it if they couldn’t deliver. Right?

Rise of the Planet of the Apes Sequel Dawning in 2014

by Nix - on Jun 6th 2012

Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) Movie ImageThat “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” sequel? It’s definitely happening. How do I know? Well, Fox has already given it a title (“Dawn of the Planet of the Apes”), and scheduled it for 2014. So yeah, those are pretty decent signs that a sequel is coming your way.

Samuel L. Jackson Joins the Robocop Reboot

by Nix - on Jun 6th 2012

Samuel L. JacksonHe’d buy that for a dollar! Maybe. Though he’ll probably have a lot more money than a buck, given that Samuel L. Jackson has signed up to play a fellow name at Novak, who is described as a “charismatic media mogul and a powerful force in the Robocop world.”

TV Review: Falling Skies, Season 2 Premiere

by Nix - on Jun 6th 2012

FALLING SKIES Season 2 Poster

What the hell happened to Tom Mason?

As you’ll recall, the last time we saw college professor turned freedom fighter Tom Mason (Noah Wyle), he had voluntarily entered a spaceship alongside one of those spindly legged aliens and Hal’s former flame turned alien mouthpiece Karen (Jessy Schram). As Season 2 of TNT’s alien invasion show “Falling Skies” returns to the airwaves, we learn what exactly happened to Tom onboard that alien ship. Well, most of it, anyway.

Ray Bradbury has Died

by Nix - on Jun 6th 2012

Ray BradburyRay Bradbury, the writer of “Fahrenheit 451″ and “The Martian Chronicles” (among many, many other classic titles) has died at the age of 91, passing away this morning in Los Angeles. Wow. I remember seeing Bradbury in person during a Comic Con panel a few years ago. He was already in his late ’80s by then, but he still looked like he could kick plenty of ass and spoke with great energy, recounting some amusing stories from the past. This is sad news indeed.

New Dredd Pic and Full Synopsis

by Nix - on Jun 5th 2012

Karl Urban in Dredd (2012) Movie ImageA new pic and official synopsis for 2000 A.D.’s “Dredd”, their reboot of the Judge Dredd character. Dredd brings the law September 21st.

Watch Star Trek: The Next Generation on the Big Screen

by Nix - on Jun 4th 2012

Star Trek: The Next Generation Fathom EventsEver wanted to watch Picard and crew doing their “Next Generation” thing on the big screen? Well you’re in luck, because NCM Fathom and CBS TV are coming together to present a special one night event to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” by screening two episodes from “TNG” — episode 106, “Where No One Has Gone Before” and episode 114, “Datalore” on the big screen for one-night only.

Get to Know Pope and the Berserkers in New Falling Skies Featurette

by Nix - on Jun 4th 2012

Colin Cunningham in Falling SkiesColin Cunningham’s John Pope was easily one of the best things about “Falling Skies” Season 1. The charming, dangerous, and downright untrustworthy con/merc/jack of all trades made the show pretty lively, and you never really knew what the guy was going to do. The total exact opposite of Noah Wyle’s hero, to be perfectly honest with you.

Watch the Deleted Opening Scene of John Carter

by Nix - on Jun 2nd 2012

John Carter (2012) Movie IMAX PosterOh, John Carter. You so deserved better than how Disney treated you. Easily the biggest flop of 2012 — the “Cowboy and Aliens” of its time, if you will — Disney’s “John Carter” flopped harder than something that flops. It was so bad, Disney is expecting to lose somewhere around $250 million on the film. Ouch. It’s a good thing movie studios blow $250 million like a junkie in an alley, huh?